Meeting with Students Studying Abroad within the Scope of Student Mobility
6 May 2021 | 00:18

Within the scope of our university's exchange programs, a meeting was organized with students who have benefited from Erasmus learning mobility and continue their education at universities abroad. In the meeting, we talked about their Erasmus experiences during the pandemic period.

Our 3rd year students: Songül Kepçeoğlu, Emre Yılmaz and Neziha Şenkulak who are studying at universities in Poland in the spring semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, shared their feelings, thoughts and experiences about being abroad during the pandemic process.

While our students expressed that they experienced pandemic measures, they also empasize their experiences about interacting with people from different cultures and the academic developments and achievements they observed in a different education and training environment.

We wish our students to finish their term in a healthy and successful manner and look forward to their return to our university.

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