Aim and Goals

In parallel with its mission, the general objective of the program is; " to lead high-quality scientific research and development activities and community service practices and train psychological counselors who are open to changes and development needed by the country in the face of cultural, social, economic and technological advances, who are productive, adopt ethical principles, respect universal values and are culturally sensitive.

In addition to this, a fundamental objective of the program is to train competent Psychological Counselors, which are needed by public and private institutions and organizations serving in fields such as health, justice, social work, industry and especially education. In this context, the program aims to,

1. Enable students to choose graduate programs related to their fields and to train academic staff needed in the field of guidance and psychological counseling in higher education institutions in Türkiye and abroad,

2. Support the personal development and professional competence of psychological counselor candidates,

3. Increase the general quality of life, especially university life, by enabling students to gain the knowledge, skills and experience required in the 21st century,

4. Support students in being individuals who are sensitive to social problems, who can take personal and social responsibility, and who can create opportunities to contribute to society,

5. Train psychological counselors who can effectively use information technologies in the provision of services related to their field,

6. Train psychological counselors who are person-centered and develop positive perspectives on humanity,

7. Support students in being self-understanding and self-aware, psychologically healthy and consistent,

8. Train psychological counselors who adopt an intellectual curiosity and scientific approach towards human behaviour,

9. Train psychological counselors who adopt ethical principles and respect universal values,

10. Train psychological counselors who can use language carefully and correctly by paying attention to its verbal and nonverbal tools, have good communication skills, and can collaborate and take part in teamwork.

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