Undergraduate Program Information

Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department, within Gazi University Gazi Education Faculty Educational Sciences Department, has been continuing to provide education and training at the undergraduate level in order to meet the school counselor needs of private and public schools in our country since 1982-1983.

In the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Undergraduate Program, it is primarily aimed to prepare students for the profession of school psychological counseling and to enable students to gain the knowledge and skills to work as psychological counselors in public and private institutions and organizations.

Program Profile

Guidance and Psychological Counseling Undergraduate Curriculum is based on an interdisciplinary perceptive and offers students courses from three groups: Field Education, Teaching Profession and General Culture. They can take elective courses from these three categories every semester starting from third semester. In addition, students can choose courses from the sub-specialties of School Guidance and Counseling, Family Guidance and Counseling, Vocational Guidance and Counseling in line with their interests, wishes and needs within the scope of their field education.

You can access the course contents of the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Undergraduate Program from this link.

Program Features

Education Type 

Normal formal education is given, there is no evening education.

Education Language


Education Period of Undergraduate Program 

4 Years 


About 70 Students 

Program Content 

It consists of three groups, namely:
Field Education,

Teaching Profession,

General Culture

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