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Gazi University Students Societies  

Dear Students,

University life is an important step for your academic and career development, as well as social and emotional development. In this context, there are many student societies that organize activities in many different fields that you can participate in at our university.

You can review Student Societies of Gazi University and participate in the activities of your interests.  

Website: Students Societies 

Activities of Student Society of Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department 


Dear Students,

As one of the Student Societies, GÜPDAT was created with the participation of our department students. The society organize many academic and social activities that you can participate.  


You can contact GÜPDAT members and follow the Instagram account of the society to participate in the events.  



Head of the Society: Faruk Türkcan (

Head Assistant: Tuğçe Akdemir (

Social Media Manager: Fira Nur Bedir (

Communication Manager: Fatma Sude Çetinkaya (


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