Book and Library Recommendations

Ready To Join Our Reading Activities?

As Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department, we know that one of the best activities is “Reading Books”, and that is why we would like to share book recommendations with using the slogan "At least one book per month".

In our department, we support our students' reading habits and give book recommendations in order to improve themselves throughout their education and training processes.

You can also contribute to the book recommendations by sending us your suggestions that you think will contribute to the knowledge, skills, competence and development of individuals as psychological counselors.

To give book recommendations:

You can reach us via e-mail (containing your name, class, information about the book you recommend such as title, author, briefly the subject).


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Best Place to Read: Gazi University Üniversitesi Central Library 

Dear Students,

Did you know that there are a total of 367,179 volumes of publications in the Central Library of our University, including 256,141 books, 82,227 journals, 12,535 master's theses?

How about watching 6000 Cinemas and 386 Documentary Films consisting of current, award-winning, and festival films in our library?

In the Central Library located on our campus, there are many periodicals and non-periodical publications that you can use in your courses and that will contribute to your social, academic and career development. In addition to these, "Electronic Resources, Visually Impaired Department, Quiet Working Spaces, Photocopying and Printing Services" and more are waiting for you in the library.

For more detailed information, you can visit the official website of Gazi University Central Library.




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