Ankara Trip within te scope of the 1st Grade Orientation Program
2 November 2022 | 14:02

An "Ankara Trip" was organized in order to contribute to the adaptation process of students who have just started undergraduate program in Guidance and Psychological Counseling.

During the trip held on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, Res. Ast. Sabire KILIÇ and Res. Ast. M. Buğra AKALIN accompanied the students and Bahadır AZAKLI and Orkun YAVUZ provided tour guiding in the historical places visited. The event started with a visit to Anıtkabir.

After the Anıtkabir visit, our students had the opportunity to visit I. Grand National Assembly Of Turkey and II. Grand National Assembly Of Turkey. a Afterwards, a lunch break was given in Hamamönü and a walk was made in the historical streets of Hamamönü. After the lunch break, Ulucanlar Prison Museum was visited. The last stop of our trip was the Rahmi Koç Museum.

At the end of the activity, the opinions and thoughts of the students were taken and the trip was evaluated, and at the same time, suggestions were received for new trip plans.

We would like to thank head of our department Prof. Dr. Galip YÜKSEL for contributing to the organization of the event, research assistants who participated in the event, the graduate students of the History Education Department who provided guidance on the trip, Gazi University for their vehicle support, and all our students for their participation in the trip.

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