Mission - Vision - Rehberlik ve Psikolojik Danışmanlık Anabilim Dalı
Mission - Vision


The Department of Psychological Services has determined as its mission to school Psychological Counsellors who are open to the cultural, economical and technological changes which the country needs, productive, who have adopted the ethical principles and who are engaged in high quality scientific research and development activities. Within this framework, our department strives to;

1. School Psychological Counsellors (Guidance Counsellors) with proficiency in psychological counselling in schools, family counselling, career counselling and industrial counselling which are needed by state foundations and institutions especially the Ministry of National Education,

2. School academic staff needed by the higher education,

3. School psychological counsellors needed by the private sector as well as state foundations and institutions who support individual and institutional developments,

4. Support the vocational proficiency of teacher candidates,

5. To give in house training as well as psychological counselling needed by our university’s students, academic staff and administrative personnel,

6. Organise conferences, seminars and panels under the social awareness umbrella and support foundations and institutions who wish to organise these activities,

7. Provide counselling services and carry out education activities and research projects in cooperation with academic members of different principles and state foundations and institutions,

8. Support the transformation of our students into individuals who are sensitive towards social problems, who can take personal and social responsibilities and who can contribute to society,

9. Provide our students with knowledge, abilities and experiences which can improve their university lives and lives in general and make this a part of their lives.


To help individuals, who will carry Turkey towards success, to develop their physical, psychological, social and emotional capacities to the appropriate levels within their interests and talents.