Introduction - Rehberlik ve Psikolojik Danışmanlık Anabilim Dalı
31 Mart 2014 12:26

Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences within the Department of Guidance and Counselling in 1982-83 and began teaching at the undergraduate level education. Department of Guidance and Counselling graduate students for, primarily private and public schools in our country, school counselors in order to meet the need for training. Completion time of the undergraduate education is four years.

In our department, there are four professors, one associate professor, three assistant professors, two lecturers and three from other universities, five research assistants. Our quota is limited to 62 students each year  regularly. There is only the first faculty of the Department of Home. Department of lessons prepared for our program of course thanks to the variety, our students first school counseling (guidance teacher) profession to prepare, however it official institutions and organizations in the private sector as a psychological consultant working with the knowledge and skills to gain is intended. After graduation, our students graduate education counseling disciplines that form the basis of the knowledge, skills and experience will have.

Students who graduate from our department, school counselors (teacher) of the Ministry of National Education in public schools and private schools can operate. Other than that, as counselors in rehabilitation centers, mental health counselors as a private mental health center and mental health services, providing formal psychological counseling centers, family and marriage counseling service centers that provide and / or units, career counseling service centers that provide and / or departments and universities academic staff in the relevant sections may survive as a business.

Also at the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling School Counseling, Family and Marriage Counseling, Career (Vocational) Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling graduate level specialization in such areas as possible.



Considering the needs of our time in the field of guidance and counseling in this area have been trained and self-taught individuals diversity of the study area is remarkable. Especially trying to recognize him, who loves working with people, people who enjoy being helpful to our department preferred LYS scores of individuals with type admits students according to TM-3 score.